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Learn English online using Skype. English Teacher teaches how to learn English. Free trial. ESL. IELTS preparation.

First 2 lessons: free

Highly qualified, professional English Teacher

Convenient - use the internet at home - no lost study time traveling to class

Flexible times

Enthusiasm and friendliness of the teacher make it easy to talk about life in a western country. This lets you see the culture as well as the language. This increases learning greatly.

Individual attention and the right level.

I know what it’s like to learn a foreign language. I speak, read and write Chinese, and used that skill for survival in China.

I have personal experience of living and teaching in East Asia. My name is Stephen.

I love intellectual things, such as, astronomy and language, and I talk about these in public speaking presentations.

I love new things and places.

Courses Offered

General English

Academic English

IELTS Preparation

Business English

Students in Taiwan and

International Students


English as a Second Language - Beginner to Advanced


Your vocabulary, grammar and fluency (ability to speak and write easily) improves quickly by learning 

speaking, listening, reading and writing at the same time. I get you to read texts, retell them, then we talk about them. Hearing yourself speak them makes your memory of words better. The words have meaning and so are much more easily remembered. You get a feel for what is right. This is how children learn to speak. When the text is just a little difficult, you learn very quickly, and enjoy learning.


18 years teaching English as a Second Language to students from many countries

Taught in China, the island of Taiwan, and Australia

Taught children and adults


Improved students IELTS test scores in 60% of the time it usually takes

Got students who find learning hard to pass an exam

Learnt another language myself (Chinese) and some Chinese culture and used that to survive in China


Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University)

English Teaching Certificate (University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate)

One year of postgraduate study in language teaching


Language, Public Speaking, Hiking, Astronomy

Example Lesson: Present Simple versus Present Continuous

Water flows downhill.

Water is flowing uphill.

First 2 lessons: free

Email: englishteacher219@gmail.com